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by Elijah Hankins

Is it over for the Seattle Seahawks this year?

Before I try to answer that question, let's talk about this past Sunday's game against last years NFC West Division Champions, the Arizona Cardinals. Both teams needed a win, but for very different reasons. Arizona wanted to keep its two game lead over those pesky San Francisco 49ers and the Seahawks were trying to get back into the hunt after a very unimpressive first half of the season. Both teams brought all they had to this contest. Each team had strong running games. Especially Seattle who after losing Julius Jones to a broken rib in the first quarter, brought in Justin Forsett who ran for a scrappy 123 yards against a very good Arizona defense ranked 4th in the league against the run.

Looking at the game stats alone it would have been very hard to tell who won this game. A flip of the coin really, with both teams rushing for over 120 yards, both teams passing for over 300 yards and the final total being only only a 10 yard difference for total offense. Time of possesion was nearly the same and a case could be made that in most categories, Seattle came out on top. Except for that one little diffference: Turnovers. Matt Hasselback threw 2 interceptions and Kurt Warner had none. Which is where the difference really became apparent as I watched this game. Don't get me wrong, it probably was the best game I've seen all year from the Seahawks. Shutouts are fun to watch but a tough well fought game is much better!

Here is where I leave stats and start talking opinions.

Kurt Warner is a cyborg! I keep expecting him to show up on the new T.V. show "V". He looks human but he doesn't act like one. Even when his team was down in the first quarter and they couldn't do better than 3 and out, he looked as if everything was going according to plan. He stayed in the pocket and just waited it out until one of his many targets became free. He never got sacked and was hurried only a few times. I haven't seen someone with that much free time since my oldest daughter lost her cell phone and her i-pod in the same week. Although Kurt has a hot / cold streak in him, he is a very dangerous and accurate quarterback when given the chance.

On the flip side, there is something wrong with Matt Hasselback. I don't mean that in a derogatory way. Matt is clearly one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He is great at reading defenses and changing plays on the fly. It's not his personality. Believe me, I can't think of any NFL star that I would rather hang out with after a home group Bible study, but there is something not quite right about his health. Matt is a fighter and I can't imagine going out there each week and taking those hits like he does. He took 4 sacks on Sunday with sore ribs and a sore shoulder. It must be like standing on the freeway at rush hour and praying you don't get run over. I know he wants to win and I know he knows how important he is to the franchise, but you watch, as soon as it is mathematically impossible for the Seahawks to get into the post season you will see Seneca Wallace starting. And here is why.

This is a rebuilding year for the Seahawks. No one in the organization will admit this. No one ever will. With a new head coach, coaching staff and run system, even the old veterans are going back to school in a sense. This season is as much about building on the future as it is about winning games this season. The more disciplined zone running approach that has been brought in takes time to understand and implement. Many of the decisions made by the coaching staff are decisions that take time to execute well. It doesn't mean that the staff and front office thought this was a throw-away year. On the contrary, Jim Mora and his staff want to win and win now! Coach Mora is a no-excuse style of coach that demands progress every week and is getting it. I can't remember the last season I enjoyed watching the coaching staff as much as I have this year. Injuries aside, this staff has done a terrific job moving players around, getting new bodies in and motivating the players to continue to learn and grow.

This brings me back to my original question. Is it over for the Seattle Seahawks this year? To answer this, you must be more specific. Is the question: Will the seahawks make the playoffs this year? The answer is probably not. It's not impossible, but it is unlikely. Nothing would please me more than seeing them get a wildcard spot or better yet, winning the division, but let's be honest for a moment. It's not likely. However, there is something about this team and the coaches that makes me excited to watch the remainder of the season. I won't miss a game! There is something brewing on this team. There is a giant being crafted and you shouldn't miss watching it develop right before your eyes. I predict the Seattle Seahawks team will fight to the death every game for the rest of the season. I never get the sense that this team is willing to quit. It's one of the reasons I am proud to be a Seahawks fan. Which leads me to my last point.

Someone a few weeks ago asked me about the 12th man. Their question specifically was "why are fans so in love with a team that has the ups and down of the Seahawks?" I don't know if he understood my explanation but here is what I told him. And if any Seahawk coaches or management are by some miracle reading this column, listen up.

Seahawks fans are about quality as much as quantity. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy a winning season as much as the next guy painted up in his team colors, but it goes much deeper than that. Seattle Seahawks fans want a team they can be proud of, off the field as much as on the field. We want a team that doesn't give up and will play clean smash-mouth football every time they step on the field. But the most important word in that last sentence is "clean". Seattle fans demand their football team be as classy as they are tough. Each year, when the free agent lists are announced there are always one or two star players that are known as trouble-makers. You know the type, a problem in the locker room or someone with poor judgement off the field. Seahawk fans can't tell you which team these players will end up on, but they can tell you which team they won't be coming to, the Seattle Seahawks. We are crazy about our team because we are proud of them. Not just as football players but as men. We will always be out there supporting them because they are the kind of people we can stand behind. Want to see the 12th man go away? Change the character of this team and you will. Continue the longstanding tradition of quality men and quality players and we will be there win or lose.

Is it over for the Seahawks this year? Not a chance. We will get better and stronger and fight until the last whistle is blown. Believe it. Thanks guys, for a great game this last week. Now, let's get ready for Favre and the Vikings!

Elijah Hankins can be reached at

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